Subsidiary Insurance (SUB)

Within the scope of this policy, subsidiary insurance coverage is provided in case
of subcontractor involvement.

The problem in connection with self-insured subcontractors is that that scope of insurance provided by the subcontractor cannot be clarified (insurance confirmation). Often such confirmations are provided in foreign languages –not always in English.

In most cases, the insurance confirmation submitted by the subcontractor does not show how the insurance is structured in detail. For example, standard CMR cover in eastern countries is usually characterized by insufficient amounts of protection. A maximum annual compensation per year and insured loss is agreed. The consequence of this is insufficient coverage of the statutory carrier's liability.

In the case of subsidiary insurance (SUB), the scope of insurance coverage is according to a “subsidiary basis’’- the coverage of the commissioned subcontractor does not apply.

Contingency insurance is the common coverage. For details please contact the Dr. Ignaz FIALA team.


The sum insured can be freely agreed.

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