Subsidiary insurance cover (SUB)

Subsidiary insurance cover is provided under this policy if you, as the policyholder, commission subcontractors to carry out the transport.

Subsidiary insurance (SUB) General

In the case of self-insured subcontractors, little can usually be gleaned from the requested insurance certificates. Often these documents are not in English, but in the national language of the subcontractor.

In most cases, insurance details are not apparent from the subcontractor’s insurance certificate submitted. For example, standard CMR coverage may be characterized by low coverage amounts and unusual exclusions in certain circumstances. Often, a low annual maximum indemnity is set per year and insured event. As a consequence, there is a risk of insufficient coverage of statutory carrier liability.

Details on Subsidiary Insurance (SUB)

In the case of Subsidiary Insurance (SUB), coverage applies on a “subsidiary basis,” i.e., to the extent that the coverage of the subcontractor engaged does not apply. This is associated with default insurance, conditional or sum-difference cover. We will be happy to discuss the details with you.

How much is the sum insured?

The sum insured can be freely agreed.

Why does the logistics industry recommend taking out subsidiary insurance (SUB)?

Protection when outsourcing orders to subcontractors

Freely selectable sum insured

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