Forwarders additional policy

The Forwarding additional policy is an insurance policy
that provides supplementary coverage to the Forwarding and Warehouse Insurance policy.

What is insured?

The insurance covers the freight forwarder's liability under AÖSp - and in the case of “Verbotskunden’’, on the basis of land and aviation law. Otherwise, the insurance includes subsidiary coverage for forwarding and freight orders being passed onto subcontractors – Contingency insurance.

How is the sum insured regulated?

The sum insured can be freely agreed.

Why does the logistics industry recommend arranging additional coverage –
supplement your forwarding and warehouse insurance policy?


To cover the freight forwarder's liability under freight law


Essential in case of "Verbotskunden" (see AÖSp)


Wichtig bei „Verbotskunden“ (siehe AÖSp)


The existing insurance coverage will be extended

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