Removal Forwarding Insurance Certificate (MSVS)

The subject matter of the Furniture Forwarding Insurance Certificate is the liability of the freight forwarder by the applicable terms and conditions of transport and storage for furniture transport issued by the Furniture Forwarders' Association. The MSVS is a liability extension insurance.

Who-What is insured?

The insurance covers the principal of the freight forwarder.
The insurance policy shall apply to material damage and financial loss incurred by the customer as a result of a freight forwarding error

How is the sum insured regulated?

The sum insured depends on the value of the goods
and is limited to a maximum of EUR 250,000.

How high is the standard deductible?

The standard deductible is 10%, a minimum of EUR 36.34 and a maximum of EUR 254.35 per claim.

Why does the logistics industry recommend an


To cover the liability of movers.


Consideration of legal consumer protection provisions.


Coverage in extension to transport: dismantling and assembly.


Financial losses are also insured according the MSVS.

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