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What is FIALA?

The insurance office of Dr. Ignaz FIALA - the complete service provider for forwarders, logisticians and transport companies for all liability and insurance issues. The outsourced competence center of the supported insurers. 

FIALA awards?

With FIALA, customers enjoy handshake quality. An experienced team of specialists are happy to extend their support for you in any matter of the transport industry. We also assist in complex liability and insurance issues around the clock.

Our Team

Andreas E. Hofer
Marion Wrba
Karin Pozarek
Michal Ondrus
Mag. Eveline Grill
Mag. Doris Benn-Ibler
Barbara Mündler
Karin Mestre Sole
Registratur, Schadenaktverwaltung und Archiv

FIALA history?


The insurance office of Dr. Ignaz Fiala GmbH was founded out of a need for a specially designed forwarding and liability insurance, also known as the forwarders insurance policy (SVS). In 1947 Dr. Ignaz Fiala responded to the lack of this type of insurance and founded the FIALA insurance office named after him.

The SVS insurance pool is a co-insurance pool of major Austrian insurance companies. The product name SVS is closely associated with Dr. Ignaz Fiala’s insurance office. Even then, the insurance company FIALA had been commissioned by SVS pool insurers with central contract management and claims processing. The Central Association of Freight Forwarders also became involved.

In the following years, the forwarding industry experienced a dynamic development. This initiated insurers would set up a second pool via the Association of Austrian Distance Carriers, the well-known VOEF pool (CMR pool). Carrier liability insurance (named CMR insurance) was included in this new pool. Once again the insurance office Dr. Ignaz Fiala became involved with the central contract administration and claims processing.

Current owners?

Nach über zwei Generationen im Familiensitz begann mit Wirkung ab 1. Jänner 2013 eine neue kleine Ära für das Versicherungsbüro Dr. Ignaz Fiala. Unter Beibehaltung des Firmennamens erfolgte zu diesem Zeitpunkt der Verkauf an die drei an den Pools beteiligten Versicherern Allianz Elementar Versicherungs-AG, Wiener Städtische Allgemeine Versicherungs-AG und UNIQA Sachversicherungs-AG. Die Eigentümer Struktur veränderte sich im Jahr 2019 auf Wiener Städtische Allgemeine Versicherungs-AG (49%), UNIQA Versicherungen AG (49%) und Geschäftsführung (2%).

In addition to ownership, Helvetia Schweizerische Versicherungsgesellschaft and Grazer Wechselseitige Versicherungs-AG participate as risk carriers and insurers in the insurance community. This insures policyholders have sufficient security in the event of a loss.

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