Forwarding and storage insurance policy

The SVS/LVS is the classic liability insurance for freight forwarding and logistics operations. It is the appropriate insurance to be taken out according to current transport law for a third-party account. It is arranged by the forwarding agent for transport orders according the General Austrian Forwarders' Terms and Conditions (AÖSp).

Who is insured?

The party who is interested in the goods as the customer or the party to whom the insured interest has been granted. 

How is the sum insured regulated?

The sum insured depends on the declared value of the goods and is limited to EUR 1.5 million per loss. Property damage and financial losses are insured.


Usual deductible is 10%, minimum of EUR 20,- and a maximum of EUR 300,- per claim.

What is expected from the forwarder?

The freight forwarder is responsible for ensuring the goods entrusted to him, to arrive safely and undamaged at their destination as quickly as possible – compensation through insurance..

Why does the logistics industry recommend an
arrangement of an SVS/LVS?


In case of an actual loss, time – saving claims settlements is guaranteed – direct claim settlements with the insurers.


In case of damage, there is an insurance for the losses in total and not just compensation per the relevant limitation of liability.


As a freight forwarder, you receive security for caused damages.

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