Carrier liability insurance (CMR insurance)

Within the scope of the carrier's liability insurance (CMR insurance), freight goods of all kinds, including refrigerated goods transports, are insured from the time of acceptance until delivery for all essential risks for which the carrier is liable.

When will a carrier be liable
for damages?

A carrier shall be liable to pay compensation if damage or loss of delivery occurs between taking over or loading the goods and their delivery to the consignee.

In the event of noncompliance with the agreed delivery time for the cargo, the carrier shall be liable not only for damage to or loss of the load but also for financial loss insofar as such has resulted in proven financial loss.

What is covered by the carrier's liability
insurance (CMR insurance)?

Within the scope of carrier liability insurance (CMR insurance), freight goods of all kinds are insured for all material risks for which a carrier is responsible.

The insurance coverage is applicable from the time of acceptance until delivery of the goods.

What is insured?

The carrier's liability insurance (CMR insurance) also covers gross negligence. This is done by abolishing the statutory liability limit of EUR 8.33 Special Drawing Rights (SDR) per kilogram of cargo affected by the damage, up to the insured sum stipulated in the policy.

For the carrier, the CMR regulations represent the legal liability basis. Cabotage, delivery delays, liability moments within the scope of the statutory liability provisions as well as loading, salvage and disposal costs are insurable.

compensation limit?

The insured sums or maximum compensation limits can vary
depending on the vehicle payload; up to EUR 1.5 million.
Various additional coverages can be arranged on request.

How is the premium

The premium is calculated based either on an annual lump-sum (turnover) premium per vehicle unit or annual sales.

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