Bill of Lading - Insurance

The subject of the insurance is the liability of the Freight Forwarder according to the BILL OF LADING used by the Freight Forwarder, e.g., the FIATA COMBINED TRANSPORT BILL OF LADING. The insurance cover includes the satisfaction of justified claims and arguments against unjustified claims for compensation raised against the freight forwarder based on their liability under the BL.

Which kinds of Bill of Lading
(also bill of lading) are available?

The liability risk is individually insured depending on the type of Bill of Lading.

What is included in the coverage?

The insurance coverage provides the satisfaction of justified claims and the defense against unjustified claims for compensation insofar as such items are levied against the freight forwarder - based on his liability - by the Bill of Lading.

Why does the logistics industry recommend
completing a Bill of Lading insurance policy?


The case-specific liability situation for sea freight documents shall be comprehensively covered.


In the event of damage, you can rely on a solvent insurer.


You have reliable coverage for the liability risk
that cannot be assessed.

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